What to do after you get your GSA Schedule?

In order to effectively sell and make your GSA schedule work for you, you must know who the right people are in the Federal Government, get to know those people, build a relationship and get them to like you.

Our marketing business partner, isiFederal, can make that very thing happen.  Ask Jamey about the various marketing offerings that isiFederal has so you’ll have a realistic picture of what it takes to be successful with your GSA Schedule.  Successful GSA Schedule Holders average 2-3 million dollars in sales each year.

Marketing that works

Once your GSA schedule has been awarded, you won’t win Federal business unless you know who the right people are and how to make the right relationships. We partner with isiFederal to help you take your GSA schedule to the next level.  As Jamey Zell always says, “If you’re going to go fishing in the Federal marketplace, you gotta know where the fish are and what bait to take”.  Feel free to call Jamey at (937) 602-8930.  He can give you a great synopsis of what isiFederal can do to help you make the right relationships and start winning new business with your new Best Customer…the United States Federal Government.

Market Essentials


This is a comprehensive report that provides your company with significant information about your top three competitors. We look closely at the competitive differentiators that will enable you to go head to head with the competition by revealing who is buying, what products and services are being bought and the contracting vehicles they are using.

  • Identify Purchasing Agencies currently using your products and services
  • Research & Identify Contracting Officers responsible for purchase
  • Report of total contracts won by primary competitors
  • Complete list of all competitors
  • Competitive analysis of primary competitors (up to three)
  • Identify Top Purchasing Agencies
  • Identify Top Contracting Offices
  • Identify Top NAICS
  • Breakdown by PSC
  • Small and Small Disadvantaged Business breakdown
  • Action plan for pursuit
  • Data file created for import into CRM system

At No Additional Charge:

One-Hour Review & Strategy Session
with isiFederal CEO Dave Lowe

  • Review intelligence
  • Identify High Value Targets
  • Review Competition
  • Develop Action Plan

Call Jamey Zell today for more information at (937) 602-8930

Marketing that Wins

Fact 1: People buy from people they like.

Fact 2: They can’t like you if they don’t know you. 

Fact 3: Our job is to get them to KNOW & LIKE you.

isiFederal will help you:

Be Top of Mind

isiFederal will help you build an execute a professional, proactive and persistent market strategy that gets you in front of the right people and keeps you there so they remember who you are when they need what you do.

Build Your Federal Brand

Because we understand and work with federal buyers every day, we know what motivates them.  We can get your message out to the people who matter most.

Market Essentials – gives you key decision makers with both budget and need.

Become the Go-To Resource

Most federal opportunities are competed between 5 or less competitors. By effectively reaching key decision makers and showing them you are the industry expert, you can break into that inner circle of minimized competition.

Get ahead of the RFP

By reaching key decision makers BEFORE an opportunity hits the street, you can provide valuable insight that guides the procurement to the highest qualified resource – you.

Get proactive and stop letting your competition steal business from you!

Contact us today (add a hot link to our contact us page) and learn how we can help you be more successful selling to the Federal Government.

DC Representation

Face to Face Representation

One of the most important components of any federal strategy is feet on the street – and most companies don’t have it.  It is expensive and difficult to measure success. 

When you choose isiFederal for your business development arm, we put qualified, experienced people in front of contracting officers and decision makers.  That means a team supporting your dedicated rep carrying your products and services everywhere we go.

We start by hiring people from various government agencies.  Not the admirals and generals, but the folks who work in the procurement trenches responsible for small and medium size contracts.  They know the inner workings of the agencies they worked with.  We leverage that knowledge to understand initiatives, connect the dots, manage those connections, understand processes and procedures and strategically place you in the mix.

When we need someone from a specific agency, we find them and make them part of our team.  As our relationships continue to grow and expand our influence, so does yours.  Currently our team connectivity reaches nearly a thousand contacts within various agencies and levels of procurement so any given day, you can be face to face with these decision makers when they are looking for products and services that you provide.

Bid Management

The fact is, somebody has got to do the research and grunt work to sift through the opportunities for your company and find the ones that matter most. We do it for our team and we can do it for you. Not only do we look for good opportunities, we look into the bids to see if they are baked for your competition. If they are, we will know it and advise you not to spend a whole lot of time on the proposal. We will monitor the results, the pricing and the award to determine if there are challenges that can be made.

If the bid is really open, we are very interested. Immediately our bid review team will supply you with the contact information and technical requirements. We work with you to formulate your response and assemble any specialty consulting firms that may be needed for the response.



QuikFuse is your time saving power tool for GSA e-Buy where you are automatically notified within seconds of GSA e-Buy opportunities that match what you sell.

Automatic monitoring and solicitation downloads without even having to log into GSA e-Buy, saving you tons of time. Never miss another GSA e-buy opportunity again with QuikFuse!

Know Quik / Act Fast / Win More

Bid & Quote Review and Submission

To win, your proposal needs to be on time and complete. We can help you review and fill out all the T’s & C’s, acknowledgements, standard forms and amendments signed and dated. We can provide you with the admin support so you meet the deadlines with the complete package.

Proposal Management

Once you decide you want to bid you need to have a great proposal. isiFederal can help you understand the deliverable’s, get answers to important questions, help formulate your response and manage the proposal writers. Your proposals will be complete, dynamic and provide you with ways to differentiate your company in writing.

Business Resources


We have some great free resources from our business partner in marketing, isiFederal “Connecting Business with Government”.

Call Jamey Zell today at (937) 602-8930 for more information on how to market your GSA schedule!