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What to do after you get your GSA Schedule?

In order to effectively sell and make your GSA schedule work for you, you must know who the right people are in the Federal Government, get to know those people, build a relationship and get them to like you.

We can make that very thing happen.  Ask Jamey about the various marketing offerings so you’ll have a realistic picture of what it takes to be successful with your GSA Schedule.  Successful GSA Schedule Holders average 2-3 million dollars in sales each year.

Marketing that works

Once your GSA schedule has been awarded, you won’t win Federal business unless you know who the right people are and how to make the right relationships.  As Jamey Zell always says, “If you’re going to go fishing in the Federal marketplace, you gotta know where the fish are and what bait to take”.  Call Jamey at (937) 602-8930.  He can give help you make the right relationships and start winning new business with your new Best Customer…the United States Federal Government.

Business Resources

Call Jamey Zell today at (937) 360-1267 for more information on how to market your GSA schedule!